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use mix. two bedrooms or more and other physical controls and whatever you fit on the site is the appropriate density. there are minimum ground floor ceiling heights in most districts to allow for more gracious non-residential uses on the ground floor. parking maximums instead of minimums are already in place. there are a lot of very large blocks and they would be required for very large projects to which possible extend alley connections. we do have new requirements for non-residential open space. open space requirements for non-residential requirements and perhaps more importantly, in terms of impact fees, there will be no new impact fee for western soma. again, this will plug into the existing eastern neighborhoods, the existing rates will apply. all of the existing processes and procedures will then apply to western soma as well. there are a few differences worth pointing out. western soma poured out of eastern neighborhoods do its own process and it would be expected it's not proposed to be exactly like eastern neighborhoods. some of the difference worth pointing out
a lot of tension. this is a great time for us to establish that. thank you. >> thank you, mr. carson. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tom [speaker not understood] i am a small business owner and raising my family in san francisco and i work here. i bought 280 7th street. my job is to provide for my family, my employees, and pay my bills. i am proud to call san francisco my home. i am support small businesses like me. i purchased this business four years ago and have been waiting for zoning to be decided. please ensure i can have a modern and safe business. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to call ten more speakers. [ reading speakers' names ] >> >> marqueza company and i'm here to request that the southwest corner of 5th and brannan, which is 601 brannan, assessor's block 3785, lot 132 be reclassified so the mou district . the purpose of the change would be to allow that site, which houses the architecture department of aau to be considered as conditional use, which is the way it could be under the current zoning. the conditional use was filed in 2012 and actually th
of housing to come up with the best use of this site to meet his department's needs. the affordable housing is important to note will be delivered in a balanced manner throughout the project and not all at once or at the beginning or end. but have a phased approach and deliver it throughout the build out period. the project is very pleased to have been recognized by the city's planning department as one of three potential eco district sites in san francisco and that is a recent announcement that you may have heard about a few weeks ago and we have been even prior to that actively looking at different sustainability measures that will conform the eco district including centralized waste collection and things of that nature and the think that the recognition of the planning is encouraging. and so we are exploring as many options as we can to make this site a model for the city and a model for other developments. >> of course, the project will be built with a comprehensive traffic demand management plan. i think that we as mike mentioned we benefit from peter albert's work on the water front a
in this neighborhood with the mixed-use integrated approach. by encouraging more residential development, especially in the alleyways where the streets are narrow and preserving the area's rich cultural heritage. focusing development with improved pedestrian connectivity and having a discussion about a two-way folsom street, which i know the community has been waiting for a long time and incentiving affordable housing and industry use and office space while embracing the entertainment corridor on 11th street which you will be hear more about with plan's presentation. i am very interested in a conversation that came out of long-term negotiations -- not long-term, the yearlong negotiation s around prop c with inclusionary housing in exchange for reduction of overall impact fees elsewhere. i just wanted to know this is completely voluntary. i do know that within the community, one of the top priorities is building more affordable housing. it's not to say that they would like to do that at the expense of transportation or the expense of open space, but i know that we have certain needs that are a bit
>> welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee committee. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee. to my left is supervisor david chiu, a member of the committee and vice-chair supervisor jane kim will be joining us momentarily. we did convene at 10:00 a.m. this morning and heard item no. 1, which we continued and then went into recess until now. so madame clerk, would you please call item no. 2. >> an ordinance amending the planning code by adding section 249.70. >> thank you. and item no. 2, the author is supervisor david chiu. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair and i want to thank you for scheduling today's consideration of a suded is at site of the pagato palace. the pagota theater site which has been a blighted site for almost two decades. by way of a little bit of background we have come a long way since this issue was first brought to our attention late last spring when hi office got a surprising call the same day as the first community meeting to provide details about the proposed construction
that these facilities continue to be safe and in operational use, if they are unforeseen spending requirements whether environmental that require immediate corrective action or unfunded requirements for benefits this could force the trade offs with the capitol budget. i believe that the port commission has done a good job dreking with the policies and directing limited precious resources to the water front and improvement, just this morning, port staff did receive confirmation that affirmed our credit a rating, just finished the review in connection with our 36 million series, 2008, and 200 d bonds. the port notes are stable structure, strong financial profile and policies and great location and the reverse revenue streams and the ratings continue to be that we have notified the completing to our deferred capitol. i believe with the continued financial stewardship and with the creative trifnging it will create the partnerships to develop a more complete solution to the backlog. >> with that, here is megan. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm megan wallace, budget manager of the port. this morning i
a question of other types of bullets and their use. i will talk to you off line on that one. i commend supervisor cohen for this issue. >> thank you. why don't we open to any member of the public who would like to speak on this item. please come forward. robert green and don duetel. you have three minutes. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is robert green. i want to say that i own no firearms. i stand against these ordinance. i believe the possession of certain sales of ammunition is flawed and would do little if anything to enhance public safety and i recommendation you do not pass. it would require -- one specific ground is identical to another ground. even though it directs the police department to maintain, it also says failure to do so cannot be used as a defense against the violation of the ordinance. also it does not allow anyone to retain possession of what would become prohibited ordinances prohibited ammunition after the ordinance becomes effective and provides no means of deposing of ammunition for instance if someone is cleaning out their father's attic is deceased and
agree with today's comment about risk i used the word distractions at the last meetings and i'm not a verse to the advocates proposal and or some scales version of it but i just continue to reinforce that these efforts not threaten or under plain our existing utility work in water power and sewer and i can't express that concern enough so i'm not yet convinced that we should commit any hetchy power to this if it proves and we have resource, available, i'm up to that and we should be open to that but we have got to see i think, today just made the comment that we should walk before we can run and we have not been in the retail business to multiple customers like this before. we should see that we can do that first before we try to do that for everybody. >>> thank you david. >> thanks. >>> yeah, just i think there is two question that is we are going to have to wrestle with over the next month or so and the first is what to do about the roll-out and the i think the 20% number for opting out is assuming we have rates comparable with p g and e social security's and i have n
have imperfect information. we don't have all the information that we need in front of us to really understand the economic impact of today's proposal versus what we had in the legislation coming to us? i want to be able to move the conversation forward and hopefully next week not delay moving this out to the full board. >> if you make the amendment today, you can rescind the amendment and go back to the current language next week without additional. >> why don't we do that? >> okay. i won't be supporting the amendment today, if there are further conversations over the week, that may change, but i hope that my colleagues on board will respect the feelings of the constituents. >> being no further comment, madame clerk will will you call the roll. >> on the plosion of amendments, supervisor chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> no. >> kim, no. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> there are two ayes and one no. >> that motion passes. [ gavel ] >> then i guess regarding the final peace on grandfathering, is it better for us to take the amendments today and rescind them t
very much. >> madam clerk, i want to thank sfgtv and thank you for making us look beautiful and sounding smart. please silence all cell phones and complete any speaker cards to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the committee clerk and each member will be allotted the same number of minutes to speak. the items will appear on the march 12, 2013 board meeting agenda unless otherwise stated. >> excellent. i'm so excited. okay, could you please call item one. >> item number one is a hearing controller office park maintenance report for fiscal year 2011 and 2012. and parks throughout the city. >> are there any opening remarks? seeing none let's begin. >> i am sorry, there is one, excuse me. >> good morning, everyone, so i just wanted to introduce hearing item that was previously introduced under supervisor chu it is a annual fee that was passed by voters in 2003. we have here today general manager phil ginsberg to start off and litia from park as well. >> thank you, for introducing this. thank you for calling this hearing, this partnership that we have with th
received the news fund, trustee, [speaker not understood], told us that laguna honda hospital is the recipient of ms. dolores knight's $500,000 donation and that the money is deposited to -- actually in january just last month, we had received a complete disbursement of the $500,000. the money is deposited into the patient gift fund. so, let me talk a little bit about our gift fund. the gift feud at laguna honda hospital provides activities and experiences that enrich the lives of laguna honda hospital residents that includes the expenditures for musical entertainment, cultural celebration, special holiday meals, outing to the parks, ball games, [speaker not understood] and other events. so, for the end of the last fiscal year, the sum balance of this gift fund was at $1.9 million, including both in cash and in donated stock at the market value. at the hospital we have committees called the gift fund management committee. it's the oversight of the gift fund. so, this committee will meet and then make a proposal to the san francisco health commission, the annual budget based on
security grant program funds from the u.s. department of homeland security for security improvements of the port of san francisco. resolution number 1 3-04. >> item 9 c, requests authorization to execute modification, to contract number 2757 pier 50 valley, substructure repair with west bay builders ink to extend the original contract duration of 240 days by an additional 71 days. item 9 d request approval for the port's supplemental appropriation in the biennial operating budget and capitol budget for fiscal year 2012-13 and 2013-14. >> moved. >> second. >> is there any public comment in >> hearing, none, all of those in favor? >> aye. >> resolution, number 1 504, resolution, 1506, and 1507 have been approved. >> and 1303 as well? >> number 9 a, two resolutions. >> i am sorry. i apologize. >> thank you. there is a correction, counsel. >> item 1 a request approval of first amendment to lease no l1502 with cobouchon properties llc a california limited liability company located at pier 9 to provide and it should be maximum of $100,000 in rent credits for core and shell improvements. >>
have had nothing, but problems, homeless encampments, drug use, needles, defecation and it all happens right in front of a playground. >> mr. honda, i want to clarify our office will continue helping in safety of this area. it's not included in this west soma plan. so please do just speak to the plan. thank you. >> all right. >> we're here in support of the western soma plan. many of our clients live or work in those alleyways and we want to prioritize residential development, specifically affordable housing and really urge the committee to support plans and projects that invest in the current communities and invest in our residents and small businesses that serve the existing needs of our community. thank you. >> thank you, miss calderone. >> hi, my name is andrew naris. i wanted to thank the west soma task force and planning department for working on this plan. i know a lot of work went into it, but i want to talk briefly about slim's experience with residential neighbors. one neighborhood in particular was able to threaten our business, and performing citizen arrests on these
a different type of use and just out of respect for that conversation i was going to wait off and on that grand fathering issue. we have a second grand fathering issue on the academy of arts, which is on townsend street. and this would grandfather in the cu application and not of the use itself. i was going to ask planning some questions about that, but i wanted to go through the outstanding issues first. the second outstanding issue is the reducing the flexibility for historic buildings. this was a recommendation made by planning. i am going honor planning's recommendation regarding this. while there are a number of buildings historic on their on, if you look at the number contributing, it's an incredible number within the west soma plan and i don't think that was the intention of the plan to allow such greater flexibility for such a great proportion of buildings. so i will support planning's recommendation. what chair wiener brought up is increased inclusionary housing fees. those are that are half an acre or more. again this is consistent with eastern neighborhoods. the p
on the security detail. they had get used to some weird things i had to do. whether it was eating chinese food and cheese cake at the same time. or trying to handle the very high levels of meetings i was required to attend. they were very forthright in their jobs and duties. and i have yet to get the pie in the face. you got to history for that one. anyway, i do enjoy working with the police department. the culture here is solid. the teamwork is no different than the best of the teams that work in san francisco. and someone, myself being a veteran of government in 23 years, i have always felt that our police department is not only the best but i am certainly very proud of each and everyone of you, of the whole police department. and today particularly the 56 who have earned these promotions. and have done all the things that you need to do to lead a department and continue leading in a best fashion. with that i offer my sincere pride and congratulations to each and everyone of you. and congratulations to the whole police department. continue to do the best you can. and keep us the world-class
. >> thank you. >> thank you. yes it's a big question there. i'm not used to seeing you here. so this is a good segue to an item later on the agenda and prepare for example the update of the prop k strategic plan and the five year prioritization program. that's the first place for us to coordinate with the mta and the other sponsors. without giving away too much of that presentation this body works with the sponsors to lay out the next five years of projects. in terms of delivering on time and on budget the most critical to watch is the n-judah customer first project. we helped partially fund a similar project on the [inaudible]. these are critical. it's really the first wave of implementation. these are not subject to the eir. they're accomplishing many of the same things and once it's approved it will make changes to that as well and that is what we will report back to you and on performance benefits as well. >> thank you. i am sure supervisors -- when it comes to that it's a big priority. thank you. >> commissioner breed. >> thank you. i just had a few questions. so t
is proposed to use green e energy certificates, it's anticipated to enroll 30 thousand residential accounts, which is about .68% of eligible customers, and they are proposing this program to serve all of the customers across their service territory. they expect to reach that 30 thousand enrollment by the end of the third year of the program, and just by way of comparison, we're talking about enrolling in our clean power sf program 50 to 90 thousand residential accounts day 1, you know, and that's in part because our program is an opt-out program, the green tariff option program pg and e is proposing is an opt-in pro program so it's projected that the differences that i communicated to you are pretty fair to assume given that that key difference in the enrollment strategies. pg and estimating is estimating their price premium to be about 6 dollars a month if r the average residential customer in pg and e territory, the proceeding had been put on hold in order to allow parties to come to agreement on pg and e's propose sal and all party settlement was not reached, and evidentiary hearings are
a communications team that takes that question and filters it through us and responds back and but we also want to use tools where people don't necessarily have to a tent ten the public meeting or we have a communication that leads a different type of communication called midnight where there was people that spend an hour learning about the wastewater system and that same group toured the southeast plans and we didn't serve drinks only 30 people came to that but we really want to build a different type of advocatey and use social media to build that thank you. and then the next steps are p -- a big deal and i know many focus in the audience have been waiting for this to happen and we will be work with closely with today resi stromb and joule yet on the study that willing a critical companion that is going on a plan that was present to you will be further ri find and further than two-three years that he selected but we will come back to the commission on a quarterly basis and the risk mitigation strategies and now we have identified that we have programmatic risk and how we can button that up so
. >> i think that this is great information and it allows us to have this conversation. i think that having more detail going forward on some of the strategies for bringing the scores up for some of these parks is really changing the trend would be very useful. >> mr. general manager. >> sure, supervisor. again, we are not particularly defensive about the data. >> no >> it is sort of helpful for us and we do guide it. >> i think that district nine, you know, in every district is a little different and the parks are a little different and each park has a unique set of challenges and one of the more encouraging stats are over all cleanliness and district nine remains as one of highest rated districts and i think that the over all scores were about 11, 12 or 88 percent, and while it was a two percent drop off from 10-11 it is up from where we started in 56 and 67. so i think that we are keeping an eye on it but one of the things that we need to understand is that these scores are snapshots in time as i think that they explained. and i would be concerned if there were a continuing d
's financial center. and the public benefits it is going to bring as mentioned the land use program is diverse and it is robust and a lot of great thinking has gone into how to make this site work, what is the right mix of uses of retail, open space, how all of this interrelates and the work that we have done is amazing and again, i think that it is going to even get better as we get closer to actually building something here. but, i think that the progress to date is very heartening. push >> and then, as the next steps, as mentioned earlier, our next item would be to come back to you with a request for endorsement of the term sheet that you have seen today. following that, we would proceed to the budget analyst for the board and the board to seek their endorsement as well. and to see that happening in april. with the improved term sheet with an endorsed term sheet we will formally end phase one of the ena and we will begin phase two the entitlement phase, eir scoping will commence with the discussions with our partners will ensue and we will start to check the box and going through the entitl
district, i think that would be more appropriatery nct 3, which would allow uses on the first floor and that is one way they are available to solve the problem. to the previous speaker's point, there are a lot of existing conditions that will take a lot of work to manipulate into this plan. and i respect the task that the planning department has ahead of it in making it all work and making it all fit. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, mr. paul. >> hello. my name is glendon hyde and i am an entertainment commissioner, but i'm here representing myself today. i have here a list of our llps that i want to hand out. this plan has been in development as along as the entertainment commission has been around and we have seen better relations with neighbors and better understanding on their impact with neighbors. i'm going to concentrate on llps, limited live performances. you can see the orange is the limited live permits. we have offered about 30 of those so far. we have had four complaints and those are not four separate complaints. they were complaints on one place. thi
that such an undertaking could be overwhelming for us. fortunately the support that we found from others was overwhelming too. everyone took on a can-do attitude. and i would like to extend my enormous gratitude to the ports and to the mayor's office for their help in getting us here today. and also to our friends the giants that value san francisco icons. these reflect the heart and soul of the city towards anchor. and for that i would like to thank all the people of san francisco for the huge support of their city's brewery. pier 48 will ensure our capacity and secure anchor's future. beyond the brewery we want san francisco to be a must-see traction to locals and visitors ali alike. adding to that we will have restaurants and museums. we are less well known for our pioneered history for brewing. and our capacity with pier 48 allows both brewing and distilling. we envision in the rock mission development that will take advantage of the water commerce with materials coming in and exports going out. where people can wander around peering through the observation windowing seeing our beer being made. where
,000 to use at their discretion to support physical education. they have used in tha variety of ways, to help community gardens through the city, and to buy athletic supplies and so forth. it's up to the pta's discretion. and that's a valuable asset that they not only enjoyed but have been thankful for. dpw is committed for every school site that participates to do a deep cleaning twice a year. and in an effort to talk to the principals and parents letting them know that we their school site and playgrounds, we want it in a better condition than it is today. and to have a deep cleaning twice a year, is something that we are excited about doing. and so are the schools and parents. as well we have a large pool of capital available to different school sites throughout the year. basically to draw on, and we have created a grant program for pta's to apply for the funds to open on the weekend. it's one thing to open up the playground or to have a league come in or whatever it may be. and it's really been fun to talk to the different pta's involved so far. different pta's have different ideas. some
that marco really loves san francisco. and marco moved to san francisco like so many of us after falling in love with this city and i think that you fell in love with this city after a short vacation that was supposed to be just a short stay in san francisco back in 1989. and he fell in love with the city and decided to stay. and marco's legendary entrepreneurship kicked off in high gear when he began running the famous mr. good ginger beverage company from his apartment in the mission district, which i proudly represent. you know, the interesting thing is that it was based on the ginger juice that he drank when he was growing up in senegal as a little boy. in 1996 marco opened up [speaker not understood] on 19th and mission which, of course, has become an institution in that neighborhoodv. it's really an important cultural and community resource. and if you go there just about every night, you'll see that it's full of people who are there to discover, to enjoy, to celebrate the food, dance, and culture of senegal. marco, by the way, has a long history in his family of tremendous achieve
that could be a really good eligible use for any funds that we have, to have our own power system, we can help to ramp up. >> that's a great recommendation, thank you, and then as you know, puc is in the beginning phases of its sewer system improvement program and are trying to integrate some of the innovative technology resource recovery and the waste water process, so some ideas around that, and then i think one thing we were really pleased about is that last year when the legislature did their initial bills around happen trade revenue allocation, there is a requirement that up to 25% of dollars be spent in disadvantaged communities, historically, san francisco, the definition of disadvantaged communities that the state uses is one that keeps income relative to the state and so we often don't count as a disadvantaged community though we have many neighborhood that are struggling, i think the definition they're using for disadvantaged communities in the context of cap and trade dollars, the bayview hunter's point community will be eligible for those funds so we are hope hating we can try
. >> item 24 was referred from the land use economic development committee without recommendation. resolution granting revocable permission to aquilina family 2001 revocable trust to occupy a portion of the public right-of-way to remove and reconstruct a portion of a city-owned and maintained retaining wall to construct a concrete driveway ramp, with accessible transition slopes to conform to the existing sidewalk grade, that will provide vehicular access to a proposed new residence with a garage at 54 peralta avenue. >> colleagues, this is from public works. i'd like to acknowledge the district supervisor, supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president. colleagues, i want to say today we have been working with not only the parties, but also the residents in trying to resolve some of the issues here and so with that in mind i here by move for a two week continuance to march 12. >> supervisor campos has asked for a two week continuance. is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor avalos. colleagues, any objection, with a motion to continue? this item will be continued to two
you for listening to all of us. i'm lori thomas, the owner at 532 columbus, which is right on the block before columbus and union. i just wanted to reiterate what i have already told a lot of folks here and director reiskin, which is this is a difficult situation and i think the pagoda palace is the best alternative, as well as i can understand to minimize the disruption in north beach. during the period full time from august to the end of, nor when we had the utility work going forward, our monday to friday lunch sales dropped 25%. i would recommend that the city and mta consider some sort of rent credit for the co-located businesses, certainly on that specific block, perhaps. because it's hard to project all of the influences that affect drops in revenue; right? so i do want to say that i appreciate all the work that everybody has done to try to come up with a solution and if we have to bring the devices up in north beach, i think the pagoda theater offers the best alternative that i am aware of right now. but i do want to speak as a business owner and recognize that i'm
for bringing this to us. fred roth, senior, was an inspiration to many of us, especially those that have been community organizers like myself. he trained an army of organizers, not just for the united farm workers, but for many different struggles historically. and it's really an honor for me to stand here before you with fred roth, junior, and others to urge your support to join hundreds of other labor and community and civic organizationses and groups in urging president obama to bestow the presidential medal of honor post hume usly on fred senior. his entire life work was spirited and defiant in the struggle for freedom and dignity, especially for lower income workers, not just farmers, but disinfran hiesed and depressed communities not just the state of california, but nation wood. a more proactive struggle for equity and human dignity for everyone. i wanted to also say that a little bit of history is important. in the '50s mr. roth worked in the latino communities and barrios of los angeles, san jose, and other cities to build chapters of the cso or community service organizations, civi
that some of us will be glad that we won't have a regular mcdonald's patron in our midst. [laughter] >> i think that we will miss the fact that -- well, actually i'm not sure we'll all miss the fact that carmen rarely breaks with her modern colleagues, except on the critical issue of cat de-clawing. oh, you remember that. i think many of us will miss the fact that she has been so hard working that we were all surprised that today she didn't submit any new legislative proposals and at the last minute she asked me four tough questions about the ndaa which i appreciated. and i will just say for me, one thing i'm not going to miss as you leave is that no one is going to wonder after today if i have a sister on the board of supervisors. [laughter] >> but to just wrap it up, carmen, thank you for your service. you have been a tremendous colleague. we all look forward to working with you and serving with you as co-elected officials and we wish you all the very, very best. thank you. and with that, does anyone else have any words you'd like to say? supervisor farrell. >> thank you, president chiu
or proposed for the next budget cycle to get us through the next phase on how much more we're going to need. we've identified a couple of options. i want to clarify this isn't money that doesn't exist. some things that agencies would have in their capital budgets the enhancements is the delta we're going to have to figure out to fund. this is something i think would be an appropriate topic for the mayors staff. it's very common more than normal or not we start a project before accident funding is there. if we started the project only when we had enough money we wouldn't start the projects. i th think this would be a terrific project for grants. thanks for the time >> thank you for the presentation. i have a lot of these questions but i'll save them. we have to get ready for our next meeting. so we can go onto public comment. if anyone wants to comment please come forward >> i want to say on the face of it when i heard the the plan to push the bicycle traffic down to mission i was more surprised it seems unnatural. if you look at a map and see what goes on there the city flows like a funn
. this is work skills many of us never had. we learned to be on time, complete tasks quickly and how to work together. because of violence in the city, nobody felt safe working in lakeview and we got to help build our community and get paid for it. since we started the program, more than half of us have secured either job interviews or permanent employment. with all the summer youth employment program, this would not have happened. thank you to joyce, michelle, j.c.y.c. and [speaker not understood]. thank you fought mayor for funding this and making young people a priority. it would be nice to all of us to have access to more jobs. congratulations to all my fellow summer youth employment graduates. that's in the words of lawrence collins. * this is' a lot of people in the community hurting about him. * there's this is a reminder we are not creating a safe community. it is very hard to live with as well. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. >> thank you. thank you, supervisor avalos, for bringing that to the attention of all of us, especially be
the ethics commission, then a can of worms is opened and we don't want that. now, many of us have come from the community and explained to you that the southest sector is not only a bay view but district 910 and 11 has been adversely impacted. and, we know just because of the nature of the water system improvement project, that type of project and that type of outreach was different from what is what should be done with the sewer system improvement project and i have been saying this for a long time and i really miss the gentlemen who was on the commission richard straw, i really miss him because, when you spoke to him, he really understood what were the needs of the community. so, when puc didn't listen to us and wanted to place three combustion turbine and is we the people fought it and won, p. kruvment wassen lightened now we have other project and some of you commissioners have spoken about it in a forth right manner and some of you have not and the end result is this: when we dot analysis: do we consult who are adversely impacted for over 60 years do we consult them don't think the
that is a concern for us. but we e do feel that after the extensive outreach that walgreen's did that they adequately addressed some of the concerns of the neighborhood and the police department around security and we do feel they are going to operate this business in a responsible way including training their employees on the responsible sales of alcohol. and additionally the variability of fresh affordable healthy food will help the residents. we look forward to continuing a partnership that will greatly impact the neighborhood. i do want to say i did have an at some point to visit the chicago store. i was there visiting family. it's really something to see and i do think it will be a major boost in the economic area. i look forward to their opening. thanks. >> thank you, next speaker? >> good morning, supervisors. for the sales of the alcohol, i don't think they should have it because it's plenty of other places just like target got theirs. they won't sell six packs and now we are going to have a cvs on seventh and market and they are going to be asking for liquor license. so
identify today but we use the five year prioritization process to identify and traffic calming and pedestrian and safety and signs and those are all programs and finally expansion and major capital projects and transit effectiveness project and these other projects, so one -- just to get us started one way of thinking about investment scenarios. well, just take the discretionary funds that we have and if you remember back to some of the revenue discussions in the past with information items there is 3.1 billions dollars in truly discretionary funds to prioritization through the sft p and split it among the groups i think close to .6 in each category, so that's one way of doing it, or you could think about addressing sort of a similar percentage of need in each category, and so this -- what you see is an example of that. take that 3.14 billion sort of achieve a certain similar percentage of the need in that category across all categories. and there are other ways to think about the guiding framework for the investment scenario. we could focus on sogr exclusively and we will
of the things that eric was just talking about, the puc consultants have shown that using local build-out, you can get lower rates which would allow more san franciscans to participate in clean energy and also get a wider base. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public who would like to comment? and anyone else, you can please line up in the center aisle, thank you. >> ben david, sierra club, san francisco has a wonderful opportunity to create a cc a that brings lots of big benefits to the city and its residents including lots of jobs, to get this done, we need puc staff and their consultant to work very closely together, but now they've been having difficulties doing that, you know, one critical area is the rate premium compared to pg and e's for the first year while the program is getting started up. the premium people end up paying will have a big effect on how many people stay in the program and the suck -- success of the program. there are times when a third party that needs to step in and help two other parties resolve their differences and prevent a bad situatio
an item before us. if we can have a motion on this item motion by supervisor yee with a positive recommendation. congratulations. good luck. no. 5: >> also general license for 135 pou street. >> thank you, this is a license application that involves a property in district 3. we have been joined by district 3. chairman chee. >> thank you. i just circulated to you a letter that represents an agreement in the set of discussion that i have had with wall green's over the last week to resolve this matter which i hope and believe would be better for the neighborhood. but perhaps after the presentation we can talk about the substance which we've discussed. >> thank you supervisor. my name is david vin chens ee. i'm a district manager for walgreen's. we want to talk to you this morning to describe our project. poul street is going to be the fourth city in our state to have a -- the store is going to occupy the level we've been in and an upper level and we are putting every new concept that our company has to introduce into this store. we are having an emphasis on our health care provisio
of funding will come from other areas like the pedestrian area and within the traffic calming use the funding more specifically on speed reduction and work with the coalition to identify the details of the program, but the idea is we identify the potential locations -- >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> commissioner kim has a question. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you midsentence. if you want to finish the slide i have a question. i was excited we were able to slow down the speed at our school sites. unfortunately the schools in district six we're not able to get that type of speed limit reduction because of the areas they're in. bessy carmichael and the tenderloin is another. i know they were able to slow it in the alleys but because we're on arteal yar corridors and i am wondering what we can do to improve it in those areas. >> we are using physical measures addition to the 15 miles per hour a sign. it's a policy and opportunity for enforcement but these are physical measures for a motorists to think i would be more comfortable driving more slowly, and within the school funding we can look at
as well. so, poor people's radio as i used to call it, kpoo when i was a broadcaster in '84, learning quite a bit from j.j. parsons, the general manager, but also joe rudolph, i think donald, one of the broadcasters calls kpoo the house of [speaker not understood]. that is fair to many others that have built the station over 42-year history or longer history. i wanted to say that kpoo has always been my family and my mentors, learning about black studies leading to the third world strike at san francisco state and leaders like arnold and terry collins' leadership of kpoo building broader community and unity among other low-income communities as well to give a stronger voice so kpoo is seen by some as black radio station or african-american radio station. i've always seen it as united people's radio station that really broadcasts the best of our arts and culture and histories of struggle in our neighborhoods as well. i wanted to also say that harrison [speaker not understood] and many of the broadcasters from larry chiu and others that i have trained with over the years in the '80s and
laureate has asked us to introduce poetry into the politics of our city. so, this will be as quick as i can get it. a song for san francisco. and i am delighted that you are considering rebuking our fed who are the nbaa but that come at the end of this. so, i don't want to have too many bells before that. (applause) >>> an increase in homelessness [speaker not understood] because benches were removed elsewhere. why remove benches to take seats away from people who live and breathe in san francisco? and make sitting or lying on the streets an offense? send the homeless to different neighborhoods like playing [speaker not understood]. people need to sit somewhere out of sight cannot be out of his mind and for the car owners who seek a sunday, 1800 citations for parking on sunday, $72 for the city coffers for each offense. bike theft increased and remind me why i bike no longer. three box stolen from me by lock cutting, that was in europe. gangses, violence, theft is universal. neighborhood courts with volunteers, unpaid judges earn money for cities with restorative justice for first offenses.
have heard but what will be helpful is if the commission can provide us with focus the next steps because weapon to make sure that we are putting our resource where they are best helping rate pairs and the key consumption in all 12 scenarios that we have seen have very rapid city wide roll-out and a great deal of residential and commercial participation, a 12% average overall opt out and the opt out has been that low because of the assume rate parody or near term rate parody with otherwise p and g rates and they include city borrowing which, is a key financial risk that you asked about in the past of a billion dollars and on the other hand, that comes with more money to do local build outs faster but one of the problematic risk that is we talked about previously is that there is still an assumption of 6,000 projects between now and 2017 and so that is a large amount of project do over that short period and now lines of gas and boy gas and none million dollars of purchases there through 2017 and that there would as some hetch hetchy power available and there would be some skiing 20
the fact that all of us even though he's not in district 9 we hear from him on different issues that identifies out there and i think that kind of enthusiasm should be reawarded and i am happy to support his reappointment. >> thank you. i wanted to to ask ms. geary we have district three rep and a district six rep and i am wondering -- so mr. flanagan is in the mix of these applicants even though we don't have his application so he is being considered. there is a bunch of people in district three and six on the list as well. are we to defer to the supervisors for these appointments? i think we heard from commissioner kim for her preference. have he heard from supervisor david chiu of district three? >> no. we have not yet heard from supervisor chiu. >> okay. >> regarding the question the appointees are not district specific so they are traditionally have been to ensure that we have representation throughout the city, all perspectives are represented. traditionally i think we have -- our experience has been that there's been some deference to the actual commissioner regard
join us in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, we have copies of the january 15th, 2013 board meeting minutes. could i have a motion to approve those anixctionv motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor farrell. without objection, those minutes are approved. madam clerk, any communications? >> i have no communications, mr. president. >> and could you read our consent agenda items 1 through 12? >> mr. president, before doing so, i wanted to present a point of information. this morning our controller mr. rosenfield identified item number 3, the supplemental appropriations specifically the district attorney positions on item number 3 to have originally been rejected by the board and the mayor in the annual budget for the current year. section 3.15 of the administrative code states that when any supplemental appropriation ordinance subsequent to the adoption of the budget for the current year contain
history is amazing. >> this is a momentous occasion for us to be able to actually have this opportunity to have equal rights. >> we have been together for 14 years. everyone is so welcoming. it's been all set up and people have guided us from step to step. it's been easy. there was live music. people are so friendly and excited. so excited for us. >> it's really great. >> yeah. >> and salvador is party a here to known as party a. >> on the out it looks pretty simple. you come in, you made your appointment. you pay. you go here for your license. you got there to get married. you go there if you want to purchase a certified copy. behind the scenes, there was just this monumental just mountain of work, the details into everything that we had to do and we quickly realized that we were not ready to issue the numbers of licenses that people are anticipating that we would need to issue. we definitely did not want people waiting in long lines. this is somebody's wedding. you want to be able to plan and invite your family and friends. know what time you are able to get your marriage license, kn
, thank you so much for all of your work in supporting us. we couldn't do what we do without you. and i think some of your clerks are the most amazing clerks that really help us stay on task. i really appreciate all of that work. there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. to, of course, harvey, carol adams who was with us before, john who is with us now, thank you. you guys have to sit there all of our meetings. and, so, give us advice even when we may not want it. so, thank you. and, of course, to each and every one of you here on the board, i can't tell you how much i've grown as a direct result of working with all of you and learning from you and just building friendships and relationships over the years. it's really been a tremendous experience and i know that we'll continue to do that in my new role. i do have to give a special shout out to sean. when i first came on the board as a supervisor, he really helped to carry me through and really helped to advise me and help me get situated. so, it wouldn't be right if i didn't mention him. too bad he's not here today, but i
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